Frequently asked questions

Order and shipment

Because of a distribution agreement with Bihr society, the direct selling is not allowed on the national territory. You can still find our products at your local dealer or online. FIND A DEALER

We do not produce specific parts for individuals. The developments are made on standard models and the productions carried out in series.

However, if it concerns a specific request likely to be mass-produced, you can contact us using the form CONTACT

OPTION N°1 : You made a mistake in your order and wish to return/exchange. This is possible if the product is still in new condition (i.e. not used) and with all the screws provided. The return costs are your responsibility as well as the costs of reshipping any other exchanged product.

OPTION N°2 : You received the wrong part and the error is ours. Contact us at We will send you back the right reference.

OPTION N°3 : Your product encounters a manufacturing defect. Write to and we'll deal with the problem as soon as possible.