2022 TM Racing EN250Fi 4T / EN300Fi 4T Xtrem skid plate - Black

Reference AX1625

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TM Racing EN250Fi 4T - EN300Fi 4T skid plate with linkage guard -1.3Kg - 30 to 40% lighter than alloy plate and made of High density polyethylen 8mm thick, the Xtrem skid plate provides a real protection against impacts or falls. The water pump is covered, the frame is protected until the footpegs as well as the linkage. No vibrations, no deformation and only 2 screws at the front with 2 plastic mounts at the rear for a quick fitting and removing. A bashplate is a consumable and will be only warrantied in case of premature break. Made for TM Racing EN250Fi 4T – EN300Fi 4T. WARNING this reference does not fit all model years Check compatibility with my bike
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Machine compatibility

Brand Type Year
TM Racing
EN250Fi 4T
TM Racing
EN300Fi 4T

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