AXP Racing's Story

In 1999, AXP Racing was born. We created the first strong radiator braces built with aluminium tubes that allowed for maximum cooling in any conditions.

When the ATV market first stared to grow, we were the first to offer the double range aluminium swing arm skidplate and the 8mm thick full framed polyurethane guard, wich is extremly durable.In 2008 we started to develop the first polyurethane swing arm skidplate, wich is well recognized and one of our best sellers today.

In 2007 we introduced the 6mm thick polyurethane skidplate to the motorcycle manufacturing world and anyone that has used it prefers it over the aluminium ones.

For 16 years we have not stopped working on our goal to keep innovating to offer the best product for the best prices. Today, we still have new projects in the works to make sure we stay relevant in the international market of off-road protection.

We thank you for your confidence in choosing AXP Racing and we want you to know that we are fully dedicated to quality and performance.



Discover AXP Racing in USA with Destry Abbott, 10 times national champion!